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The North Baldwin Chamber of Commerce embraces the true meaning of Southern Hospitality and promotes unity among all businesses. Together we can and will make a positive difference in North Baldwin County and the City of Bay Minette.

Tripp Ward, Alabama Power

My father was a local business leader and an active Chamber member, and I am proud and honored to follow in his footsteps. I am proud of my community and my Chamber. I hope to contribute to the long-term success of the North Baldwin Chamber, assisting businesses as they enrich the community that supports them.

Martha Ryan, The First Bank

Our local Chamber of Commerce is a group of dedicated citizens that work together and give of their time, money and experience to help build a better community for us all and to help promote our local businesses. It is an honor to be involved and have the opportunity to give back in a small way to our wonderful community.

Larry F. Taylor, Gulf Packaging

Everyone involved in our chamber truly wants success for all members. The opportunity to participate in local events as either a sponsor or volunteer has given our business invaluable exposure and allowed me to connect personally with our amazing North Baldwin community.

Charlotte England, United Bank

The North Baldwin Chamber of Commerce is a vital part of our community. The Chamber provides an array of events and services that enhance the quality of life for all generations.

Barbara Brown, Light of the City

Being a member of the Chamber provides an avenue to communicate with business owners and leaders in the community. The Chamber is working for me by staying member and community focused. They understand that a healthy community environment encourages businesses to do their best in the area and invest back into the community. I’m proud of how our Chamber is working for its stakeholders and the direction they are moving in.

Brian Seals, Baldwin EMC

The North Baldwin Chamber has promoted my organization as if it is their own. The staff is great and always will help in any way they can to answer questions and provide a helping hand.

Vinson Bradley, Coastal Alabama Community College

The North Baldwin Chamber is a vital asset for my business to be a part of and support. The economic strength and stability that is present in the North Baldwin community is a reflection of the Chamber’s growing efforts and partnerships. My company has shared in the rewards.

Shane Hadley, Baldwin Gulf Coast Pest Control



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     The roots of the well-known Baldwin Gulf Coast Pest Control were established in 1994 by Mr. Bobby Hadley and was initially named “Bobby’s Gulf Coast Pest Control”. However, the business faced initial setbacks and Mr. Hadley took some time to regroup. In 1996, he relaunched the business under the name “Baldwin Gulf Coast Pest Control”. The company was officially incorporated in 2002. In 2016, Shane Hadley, at the age of 26, took over the business from his father. Shane had been involved in the Pest Control business since the age of six, assisting his father. Today, Shane and his crew provide their services across 9 counties in Alabama and 3 counties in Florida, covering over 30 municipalities.

While Baldwin Pest Control has undergone changes over the years, one aspect has remained constant and that is their commitment to providing great customer service. Shane likes to call himself old-fashioned in how they provide service to their customers, compared to a lot of modern service providers. They prefer to communicate directly with their customers rather than through email or text messages.

A typical day at Baldwin Gulf Coast Pest Control involves the office staff scheduling appointments, pest technicians attending to their customers’ needs, and the termite department offering specialized services. Shane personally enjoys working on termite projects, utilizing his knowledge of building construction to prevent and eliminate termite issues in structures. Additionally, Shane finds great satisfaction in receiving positive feedback from customers and engaging with his employees about their daily experiences. He believes in providing a positive work environment and encourages open communication among his staff. Shane states, “My staff is incredibly dedicated to their jobs and our company. Although we are a relatively young group, most of our employees have been with us for over ten years, which demonstrates dedication to our product.”

Shane shares a common goal with most small business owners – to achieve steady growth while maintaining exceptional customer service. As Shane continues to set and pursue his goals, he recognizes that the happiness and development of his employees are most important. He is determined to ensure that his staff remains content, healthy, and motivated, avoiding any stagnation in their growth. Shane and his staff have always gone above and beyond in any way possible in support of the North Baldwin Chamber and our Community. In 2020, Baldwin Gulf Coast Pest Control graciously donated one of their retired trucks to the Chamber. Shane and staff had the truck wrapped with custom North Baldwin Chamber, Local Like Me and Discover North Baldwin Graphics. Their commitment to supporting our small town and making it a better place is truly appreciated.

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